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​Bringing the physical escape room experience online, to your own room! All you’ve got to do is bring together your best minds and enjoy the thrill of the online escape room – while the clock ticks away. Can you and your team uncover the secrets and solve this mystery within the time limit?

Virtual Escape Room

  • Approximately 1 to 1.5-hour gameplay

  • Suitable for ages 14 and above

  • Perfect for both small and large groups (minimum 4 players to start a game, to up to hundreds of pax per session)

  • Inclusive of professional facilitator via Zoom, MS Teams or Webex platform

  • Various challenging puzzles and clues, requiring you to work together as a team to solve them


Singapore's best interactive virtual escape room built-in with highly interactive clues and tools. With over 10 rooms to explore from a single escape room, you can work together with your team to solve puzzles and uncover the mystery. Put on your thinking cap and join forces with your fellow detectives to solve the mystery.


100% virtual escape room experience. Built-in with interactive safe locks, mind-blowing activities, and even authentic unlocking padlock mechanisms - our online escape room takes inspiration from the real-life escape room. You can now experience the real-life escape room at your preferred time, without leaving the house!

The best virtual activity for team bonding and team building. Work together and communicate with your teammates and bond through this exciting game. The virtual escape room is also a fun way to celebrate different occasions such as birthdays and social gatherings.

Perfect Virtual Corporate Team Building Activity

Planning to have your corporate team building event soon? Want a fun and interesting program to release some work-from-home stress? Engage our Online Escape Room for an hour of fun with your colleagues! The perfect virtual activity for employee team bonding.


Enhances Problem Solving

With challenging and mind-blowing activities and clues, the virtual escape room is sure to challenge your minds. If there is more than 1 team playing simultaneously, compete with the other teams to be the fastest to complete the game.


Think out of the box and work together with your team to solve the puzzles! By challenging your problem-solving skills and working your minds, these skills will definitely be useful back in the workplace!

Train your:​

  • Observational Skills

  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning

  • Communication

  • Decision Making

  • Leadership


Team Building Activity

Online Escape Rooms offer a fun way to increase team-building skills. Work together with your team to look for clues and solve puzzles in a limited amount of time​.​


With a variety of puzzles and unique challenges, it is important to work together as a team to come up with solutions. Communicate with your team to piece together each distinctive challenge. ​​​

To complete the challenge as a team, designate roles so that each participant can work on their own tasks. Appoint a leader to guide the team to complete the challenge! A great activity to train and develop your leadership and communication skills.​


Anywhere is Possible!

With the online escape room being entirely virtual, you can play with your friends and families from the comfort of your own homes.

Making use of a video conferencing platform, connect with your teammates anywhere! We suggest installing Zoom or MS Teams before the game for the best experience. Connect with your team from different locations and time zonesRegardless of which country you are in, as long as you let us know the timeslot in SGT, we can run the game for you!


Set aside 2 hours of your time for a fun and exciting time with us! The remote escape room experience is a fuss-free yet fun activity for all.

Why Top Virtual Escape Room?

Experience and Expertise

With over 10 years of experience in the industry and over 5000 events organised, rest assured that we know what to do and can meet your requirements!



We are proud to be the winner of several awards including Spirit of Enterprise and Singapore Young Entrepreneurs Award.



JNR offers a huge range of services and we promise to provide you with the trusted and quality services you need.



Our dedicated team will get back to your enquiries within 24 hours. If you require urgent assistance, do give us a call to reach us!


The Top Virtual Escape Room in Singapore

7 Simple Reasons to Engage Our Virtual Escape Room:

First Original Interactive Virtual Escape Room


Original storylines and puzzles by our experts (non-Googleable!)


Professional in-house developer and facilitators


Competitive Pricings for Corporate Clients


Modular stages in game* (need not break one to proceed to another)


Completely different from competitors


Voted the best and most interesting in our industry


Black and White Architecture


for 10 pax & above 


for 2-9 pax (U.P. $35/PAX)

Virtual Escape Room Package

  • Approximately 1 to 1.5-hour gameplay

  • Inclusive of facilitator via Zoom, MS Teams or Webex platform

  • Fully online experience

  • Challenging puzzles and clues


1. An internet connection – broadband or 3G/4G

2. Laptop/ PC with a built-in camera, microphone, and speaker

3. Zoom, MS Teams or Webex account

Black and White Architecture

Virtual Escape Room Themes and Storylines

prison breaker virtual escape room online escape room

The Prison Breaker

Virtual Escape Room

You have gained the reputation as one who can escape any jail and opened your own firm with a partner, known as "evadere especialista".

One day, you receive a multibillion-dollar deal to test the new, top-secret prison but on one condition, no one can know the actual location of the prison. You accepted the deal and the next day, your team and you were then captured under the identity of terrorists. You wake up inside the cell with your team and realize that the warden is not the same one who was supposed to release you in an emergency. You also realized this deal was a bait.

So, your team and you now need to figure out your exact location, find a way out of the prison, and get help within 1 hour before the security is tightened again.

Difficulty Level:

money heist adventure virtual escape room online escape room

Inspired Money Heist Themed

Virtual Escape Room

Inspired by the Netflix series "Money Heist", work together with your team to uncover the clues left behind by The Professor and the team. The clues are left behind strategically inside the Mayor's mansion to help you solve the mystery.


You’ll have to navigate the mansion and unlock different doors to reach the secret basement in which the gold is hidden.

You and your team have 1.5 hours to complete the virtual escape room before the police sirens blare and the SWAT team barge in with submachine guns in their hands.


Put on your thinking caps and race against the clock to uncover the secrets and escape before time is up!

Difficulty Level:

pandemic vaccine lab virtual escape room online escape room

Pandemic Vaccine Lab Themed

Virtual Escape Room

As the leading global vaccine laboratory, our company has just developed a vaccine that will save the world from the pandemic. However, a research assistant from our rival company, Biosis Laboratory, has infiltrated our laboratory and stolen our vaccine in a recent attempt to disrupt our business. Meant to be shipped to Country U tonight, we need to find the vaccines back urgently! 


Enter Biosis Laboratory and look around carefully to find out where the vaccines are hidden.

Time is tickling! The citizens are desperately waiting for you! Help us retrieve back the vaccine from Biosis before the ship goes.

Difficulty Level:

virtual amazing race online amazing race

Around The World

Virtual Amazing Race

Race around the world remotely from the comfort of your own homes. Solve puzzles and challenges at different stops around the world, and compete to be the fastest team to complete the race. 

Inspired by "Around the World in 80 Days", you believe that you can travel to all the New 7 Wonders of The World within 7 days. Make a trip around the 7 spectacular sights and complete various fun and challenging challenges along the way.


You may meet with certain obstacles on this journey, and you have to work together with your team to compete to be the fastest to complete the race.

Challenge your friends and go on this virtual amazing race!

Difficulty Level:


Highly Rated by our Private and Corporate Participants:

satisfied virtual escape room clients clientele

We did enjoy the games very much and received good feedback

i.e. your design of the virtual escape room is more realistic than your competitors.

Anyway I have left a comment on LinkedIn and you can find it here

Ms Rachel Zheng, Shopee

The virtual escape room is a very fun and interesting experience for me. It still felt like I was doing it in real life because of how the player can move to different locations and how the clues are being placed which really makes the game more interactive unlike any other games I have played before which only brings me to a starting point where the progress is linear unlike this escape room where you need all the clues and puzzles from different locations to access the locked areas.

Ze, Google Review

Engaged them to provide a bonding activity for 80 staff. The virtual escape room was well-received by many and was an enjoyable experience!

Kudos to them for executing the event over Zoom despite the large group. During the game, they regularly offered support to ensure every team progressed and "fun" levels didn't drop.

Mr Brennan Ong, Ministry of Social and Family Development

Bored at home and looking for something fun to do?

Engage our Virtual Escape Room today to experience something different!

How To Book?

Gather your team! Let us know your preferred date and time slot. You can fill up the booking form below and our friendly facilitators will get back to you as soon as possible with our availability.

Select a theme - our new and exciting Prison Breaker Virtual Escape Room or our all-time favourite Money Heist-inspired theme.

We will send over the official quotation, along with the payment details. Payment can be made conveniently via PayNow, bank transfer or even GeBIZ.

After confirmation, instructions and details will be sent to you after the booking. Get your team to install Zoom or MS Teams before the game for the best experience!


Enquire now for more information:

Gather your friends and colleagues and let us know your preferred date and time slot! We will let you know our availability and once you've booked, we will send the instructions on how to join the game.

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