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Best Interactive Virtual Escape Room Game

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​Bringing the physical escape room experience online, to your own room! All you’ve got to do is bring together your best minds and enjoy the thrill of the online escape room – while the clock ticks away. Can you and your team uncover the secrets and solve this mystery within the time limit?

Virtual Escape Room

  • Approximately 1 to 1.5-hour gameplay

  • Suitable for ages 14 and above

  • Perfect for both small and large groups (minimum 4 players to start a game, to up to hundreds of pax per session)

  • Inclusive of professional facilitator via Zoom, MS Teams or Webex platform

  • Various challenging puzzles and clues, requiring you to work together as a team to solve them


Singapore's best interactive virtual escape room built-in with highly interactive clues and tools. With over 10 rooms to explore from a single escape room, you can work together with your team to solve puzzles and uncover the mystery. Put on your thinking cap and join forces with your fellow detectives to solve the mystery.


100% virtual escape room experience. Built-in with interactive safe locks, mind-blowing activities, and even authentic unlocking padlock mechanisms - our online escape room takes inspiration from the real-life escape room. You can now experience the real-life escape room at your preferred time, without leaving the house!

The best virtual activity for team bonding and team building. Work together and communicate with your teammates and bond through this exciting game. The virtual escape room is also a fun way to celebrate different occasions such as birthdays and social gatherings.

#1 Virtual Escape Room Themes and Storylines

We offer 3 different exciting and fun themes for our Virtual Escape Rooms. These different themes and storylines offer a different experience for you and your potential clients! With challenging and creative clues and puzzles, you are promised a fun and exciting time! If you are looking at a customised virtual escape room, we can also help you conceptualise and come up with an entirely new and unique one!

Nocturnal Textured Backgrounds for MK by

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White Label Game

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HR Solution

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Private Event

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Gift Cards

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Looking for the opportunity to have your own Virtual Escape Room business? As our franchise partner, you get the rights to sell our Virtual Escape Room to your customers. Get exclusive rights to sell and distribute our game to your customer base. We will provide you with the game platform and all the little know-hows, and all you have to do is to market it to your customers!

​White Label Game

  1. Engage customers with your own brand's escape room game!

  2. A white-label page will be created especially for your brand

  3. Your customers will be able to play from this new white-label page

  4. You only have to market the game and all other operations will be done by us!

  5. Sit back and receive the commissions from each sale of the game


Looking to host a private event for your clients? We can help you host an exclusive virtual escape room session for your customers. Perfect for sales agents with their own group of customers, our exclusive virtual escape room session will allow you to reconnect with your customers easily.


Our Virtual Escape Room can also serve as the perfect HR recruitment solution. If you are looking out for potential recruits with analytical and leadership skills, our virtual escape room will provide you with the solution to test their skills! For large organisations that are looking to host multiple department/ organisation-wide cohesion sessions, you can consider having a customised virtual escape room game that is uniquely for your organisation. We can customise the game according to your requirements.


Gift cards are popular gifts for any occasion. If you are looking for a fuss-free gift voucher, why not consider our virtual escape room gift cards! The gift cards allow the recipients to easily book a virtual escape room session with us!

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